North America is the continent that I first called home.. Growing up beside the ocean in California, my earliest memories are of scouring tidepools for hermit crabs, chasing after dolphins, and scrounging below docks to find sea squirts.

It took me years to realize how much more of the continent waited beyond the haze of Los Angeles. Road trips taught me just how exquisite the country can be: the misty waters of the Pacific Northwest, the brilliant wildflowers of Montana, the whimsical rock formations of Utah.

The best part about traveling overseas is the moment when you  realize that you haven’t even begun to discover your home. The more I travel, the more I realize just how stunning and diverse North America can be. I still have yet to find any place more beautiful than the Canadian Rockies, and I someday hope to make the Pacific Northwest my home.

Join me in exploring this vast and wild continent.

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