Glacier Margaritas




Because the climate present tastes delicious.


Glacier Margarita

One year of following climate change in the here-and-now of Alaska’s Kenai Fjords and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef


“If you want to see glaciers or coral reefs, see them now.” For one year, such is my itinerary. This May I followed orca to Seward, Alaska and found myself stunned by glaciers instead, the rumble of their calving adding awe to my workweek through my job as a deckhand on glacier and wildlife cruises. This November, I will follow the opposite extreme of climate change across the Pacific through work on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. And Glacier Margaritas will tell both sides.

Change happens; this is undeniable. But every scale of change comes as a succession of presents, and in the present moment, the glaciers burn blue beneath low clouds. The reef breathes with a rhythm I will soon learn. In this present moment, climate change tastes delicious.

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