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In 82 years of life, every human will have either seen or have slept through 30,000 sunrises. These twists of the planet represent 30,000 new opportunities to get lost, to be wrong, and to make some bizarre new discovery along the way.

This is what my face looks like.
This is what my face looks like.

On one such sunrise three months after my college graduation, I flew on a one-way ticket to an island off of South Korea, and learned that the entire earth could be my address.

My name is Tammy. I love beaches. I talk too much about whales. I’ve seriously considered what would happen if my toes turned into lasers.

I live, and I write. and each of those actions creates the other.

I want nothing more than to be fully at home in the real, true, physical beauty of this planet earth. There are 20 million miles of road on our planet, 660 mountain ranges, 110,000 miles of coral reef. I know this because Wikipedia told me so.

I choose to measure my life in how much of that world I can explore between sunrises.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tammy! Your writing is like a delicious golden wrapped chocolate truffle. I want to open it piece by piece and slowly savor it. But I realize how great it is and I just gobble it up!! I cannot wait to read more!! Thank you for taking every reader along, your minds is truly an adventure!

  2. Hi! Pacific Marine Mammal Center is interested in participating in the Rainy Day Watershed Festival. We just found out about it through one of our volunteers. Is it too late to have a booth?

    Thanks for bringing attention to the importance of keeping the watershed clean!

    1. Kirsten, I’m so sorry I missed this! Thanks for reaching out, and hopefully we can work together sometime in the future.

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