Things to Do On Jeju Island: My Top 6 Days

Yakcheonsa temple roof early morning

This Sunday was exquisite. I woke up at a decent hour, cleaned my apartment, then rode my scooter with a friend down to Uncle Tony’s on the Hagwi-Gwatchi coastal road. We had fish and chips. The perfect pitcher of sangria. All in the sun. Then we headed down the coast …

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The Haenyeo Dictionary

Muljil means “water-work.” On Jeju Island, South Korea, this word refers to the work of the haenyeo, the elderly diving women who live as the real-life mermaids of Jeju’s volcanic coast. Or so muljil means on Jeju, at least. Dropping the phrase 물질 (muljil) into google translate, I get the word “substance.” The same …

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