Why I Chose to Become A Mermaid

Jeju Island has real-life mermaids. They do not look like what you might expect. Instead of smooth porcelain skin, their faces are mapped with wrinkles. In place of long, flowing hair, they flaunt ear-length perms. Their backs bend permanently at the waist. Most are missing teeth. But underwater they move gently in their wetsuits and […]

I’m Back!

Once upon a time, I moved to Korea and started this blog. The idea was to go to exciting places, do exciting things, and then write about them. What I hadn’t expected was how hard life in Korea would hit me. There’s this idea that if someone has as externally exciting life, with pictures of […]

Beyond School Walls

One of the unique things about the Korean workplace is that it is never just a workplace—it’s also your instant social group, whether you’re looking for a new social group or not. Now, I’m 22 years old, and a very recent college graduate with zero experience teaching  and little chance of making teaching a career. […]