Why I’m Going Back to Seward: From the MMT Blog

Tamara Lang writes from the Major Marine Tours Blog

“I write this from the end of 2016 in Port Douglas, Australia, between the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Last week my advent calendar melted in about ten minutes. At the end of my street starts the ocean, which runs out to a reef so large it can be seen from space, and which is yet so intricate that each dive brings new fish which flash into the shapes of waiting coral. I am in the place I’d dreamt of since I first learned to read.

And yet, even here, it is Seward, Alaska that holds my imagination.

Seward comes to me in images: Mountain peaks that change with each perspective, shifting under a kaleidescope of clouds. Tangled cliffs where mountain goats manuever coves heavy with the gemstone green of microscopic life. Water that sits silent above frantic depths until it eases out our glimpse into its secrets: humpback whales, their blows hanging above glassy ripples. Or the timeless rise of orca’s fins, stark and black, mindlessly elegant as their calves practice play.

This is the summer Seward that I carry with me through Australia’s heat, that I hold close in the pictures on my phone that I swipe through whenever I feel the need to love something. A world in a series of glowing rectangles on a screen, promising itself into the future…”[Read the full post on the MMT Blog.]

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